Sussex SDS Nursery and Novice Trial 17 12 17Wessex SDS Nursery & Novice at Deanlands Farm 3/12/17Sussex SDS Nursery & Novice Trial 26/11/17Surrey SDS Nursery and Novice Trial 19 11 17Romney Marsh & District SDS Cradle, Nursery & Novice Trial - Lynsted 12/11/17Sussex SDS Nursery and Novice Trial 05 11 17SE Championship 14/10/17RM&D SDS Trial - Scotney Castle 15/10/17ASSEESDS Trial at Olantigh 8/10/17Surrey SDS Shabden 24/9/17Surrey SDS Trial at Shabden Park 23/9/17 - more to comeRM&D SDS Trial at Riggs Hill 17/9/17The International 2017High Ash Sheepdog Trial 26th August 2017RM & D Starter & Open Trial, Snargate 13/8/17English National 2017 - Haughley ParkThe Hebridean with Gairloch 2017RM&D SDS at Torry Hill 11/6/1728/5/17 Wessex SDS Trial at Pond Field Farm29/4/17 Sussex SDS Open Trial at West End FarmEnglish Nursery Final 2017South East Winter Championship: Feltons 19/2/16Wessex SDS Nursery & Novice Trial 12/2/17Surrey SDS Nursery & Novice Trial 5/2/17RM&D Cradle, Nursery & Novice Lynsted 8/1/17Surrey SDS Nursery & Novice Trial - Shabden 15/1/17Surrey SDS Sandhills Trial 29 05 17